How can Crosscode Panoptics help you?

This article provides you with a quick overview of Crosscode Panoptics features and functions.

Crosscode Panoptics Discovery, Understand, Change, Governance, and Audit

  • Reduce Development Costs
  • Accelerate Time to Market
  • Drive System Reliability

Success in the modern software business is defined by your ability to get fresh, innovative code into production quickly and reliably. Don’t let the complexities of your application environment slow you down. Crosscode’s Panoptics Platform will revolutionize the way you manage your application architecture and clear a path for you to deliver robust code in half the time and cost.

The Crosscode Panoptics Platform

Crosscode Panoptics Platform 9-9-19

The insight you need to drive quality across the entire software development life cycle.


Discover: Know your software inside and out. What you don’t know can hurt you.

Understand: Empower yourself to make better business decisions. Effective management of your IT assets depends on your ability to understand the state of your applications.

Change: The knowledge and confidence to successfully embrace the future. Your company needs to innovate to stay on top, but lack of insight into your IT infrastructure makes change hard.

Govern: Panoptics brings modern tools to govern modern environments. In today’s rapid development cycle, your enterprise needs the speed and automation of Panoptics’ Governance Operating System.

Audit: Pinpoint changes where they occur. Software audits are time-consuming and expensive.

How much you will save using Panoptics




Typical Project Cost Saving

Using Panoptics



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