How does Panoptics On-Prem Work?

Crosscode On-Prem Virtual Appliance

Executive Summary 

This document outlines Panoptics solution to an on-prem virtual appliance solution. The initial discussions for the details of the capabilities and the strategies have been discussed with Microsoft technical lead. This document outlines the details for the Panoptics On-Prem release available April 2019.

Panoptics Features

Panoptics maps the application environment and database to the code-level. It then analyzes the impact of any change at the code-level across all applications and databases in the organization. By doing such analysis, Solution Architects and Enterprise Architects can eliminate most of the manual processes that relate to the cost of creating the project plan. With this automation, Panoptics eliminates 50% to 70% of time and cost of identifying and analyzing the impact of business changes. 

How Does Panoptics On-Prem WorkDiscovery

Panoptics automatically discovers all the applications running in a customer's environment and creates an enterprise-wide map of enterprise IT applications and databases at the code-level.


Panoptics uses static and dynamic analysis techniques to identify security issues in custom code as well as third party components. 


With code-level dependency maps, Panopitcs enables organizations to make changes with confidence eliminating risks when tasks are performed manually. The deep dependency maps created by Panoptics enables customers to optimize their estimation and testing efforts. 


Panoptics' Governance Operating System allows customers to create notification rules at any level of the application or database hierarchy enabling them to monitor changes being performed in the runtime environment. It allows customers to take remedial action before changes are made to the production environment. 


Panoptics' Audit feature identifies all changes in the runtime environment and brings them together in a chronological fashion allowing anyone with a browser to access it with two clicks. 

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